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Workplace Wellness Programs

Healthy employees perform better and have more job satisfaction, less turnover, feel more connected to their workplaces,
and are more productive.

Give the gift of health to your employees or volunteers with educational workshops and programs for worksite wellness programs, organizations, companies, non-profits, boards, and grassroots community groups!

Enhance your employee/volunteer wellness to ensure your organization and employees thrive! Current offerings are below.
Workshops can also be tailored to your group's needs.

Please email for more information.

Health & Wellness Webinar Topics

  • Restore Your Gut Health: 5 Keys to Digestive Wellness

  • Eating Healthy on a Budget

  • Free Yourself From Sugar and Regain Your Energy

  • Rest + Digest: 3 Keys to Better Sleep

  • Food + Mood: The Gut-Brain Connection

  • Holiday Gut Health: Enjoy the Season Without Worry


Liz M., Public Health Professional, 

"I've attended multiple workshops Alison has presented on nutrition and sleep, and every single time (without fail), I have moments of "Aha" or "Today, I learned," or "Oh, I forgot about that resource!" She offers simple, easy suggestions that I've already incorporated into my daily routine. I definitely recommend attending workshops with Alison, and to start slowing down and listening to your body. I'm feeling better as I utilize tools I've learned or been reminded of by Alison!" 

Lucy Klocksin, Retired Educator 

“I loved the variety. The ideas of two health experts including practice solutions, dietary suggestions and an actual exercise demo all worked well to inform us!” 

Workshop Participant 

“I really appreciated the tangible tips to save money - both in planning to go to the store and tips at the store. Super helpful!”

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