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Healthy Kitchen Sessions

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Pantry Makeover


Interested in healthier food habits, or curious about the quality of foods in your pantry and fridge? Take stock of your current food choices and common treats while making space for healthier alternatives. Using basic nutrition principles, we’ll tailor a plan that works for you. 

You’ll come away from this session with an increased awareness of the types of foods in your kitchen and if they’re right for you, and a plan for a healthier kitchen, and life. This is a great time to reset your eating habits and improve your overall health and wellness, starting with your pantry!


Cost: $120 for 1, 60 minute session via zoom or phone 

Cooking and Baking Lessons


Intimidated by baking or cooking? Want to learn basic cooking skills, how to bake healthier desserts, or create quick and tasty balanced meals? It can be challenging (and expensive) to find foods that are nutrient-rich, flavor-full, and satisfying…but it doesn’t need to be! Gain confidence in the kitchen, and learn how to make healthy and delicious meals, and gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free baked goods and snacks.

Have a favorite recipe that you’d like to make healthier, or that no longer works for your dietary needs? I’ll help you transform this recipe into one that works for you! Whether you want to improve your gut health, have food allergies or a special diet, or simply want to learn new culinary skills, you’ll enjoy this fun, interactive session, and come away with a delicious treat and a new and improved recipe! 


Cost: $120 for 1, 60 minute session via zoom or phone (Includes 1 Recipe Makeover of your choice)

Food Shopping Consulting


Overwhelmed with all the choices at the grocery store? Unsure of how to read labels and how to interpret confusing nutrition facts and ingredients? Have special food needs and are looking for ways to meet your body's nutritional needs? In this session, you'll become a grocery shopping pro, learning all the secrets to smart shopping, and how to fill your cart with nourishing, nutrient-rich foods while avoiding preservatives, additives, and pesticides.  

Eating nutritious foods is essential to our health, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune! Gain creative ways for eating healthy while saving money, including ideas for planning meals, grocery shopping hacks, and cooking tips to keep your belly full of nourishing foods and your wallet more full of your hard-earned money. 


Cost: $120 for 1, 60 minute session via zoom or phone, or in-person, if local. Includes 1 Recipe Makeover of your choice, resource guides, and tip sheets. Bundle this session with the Healthy Kitchen Makeover session for $220. 

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